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Turbocharger VS Supercharger | Supercharger VS Turbocharger

Turbocharger VS Supercharger || Supercharger VS Turbocharger TURBOCHARGER VS SUPERCHARGER | SUPERCHARGER VS TURBOCHARGER Today we discussed turbocharger vs supercharger,and we got a problem vehicle or car not starting properly we crank the engine vehicle start and after some second automatically off i was fitted the diagnostic tools on the car and found " diagnosis trouble code " which are signal to the car turbo motor not working this reason we check the turbo motor inspection  as per repair manual,we found turbo motor linkage not working as per procedure of repair manual so next i will check the turbo motor wiring diagram, which are related to connected by turbo motor driver control unit to turbo motor actuator via with engine control module,mention all wiring diagram we checked done and turbo motor linkage side cleaning done because this parts are widely open on engine compartment,next i fitted the mention part and try to start the engine but that a ti

Best Auto Ac repair Las Vegas in 2021 | Best AC repair Las Vegas in 2021

Best Auto Ac repair Las Vegas in 2021 | Best AC repair Las Vegas in 2021 Automatic Air conditioning system       Automatic air conditioning system just have a More few part  enter to the manual air conditioning systems.       1.Clutch less or magnetic clutch            compressor       2.Electric Amplifier       3.Ambient and solar temparer sensor       4.Automatic Module for A/c setting        5. Mode and tempareture control servo             motor🙂       6. Auto switch for automatically comp           are between outer to inner tempare           ture and switch the A/C     These part are need for A/c system               Automatic A/C control unit vehicle A/c system uses only 2 purpose, 1)Journey is comfortable, and the second thing is 2)Humanity control,         Many people told when A/c on a car continuous dropping water outside from the vehicle and home made refrigerator don't dropping water outside , this is a simply reason                           " Vehicle A/c repair

Free Car Diagnosis | Car Diagnosis | Car Diagnosis Centre | Automobile School

Free Car Diagnosis |Car Diagnosis |Car Diagnosis Centre Free Car Diagnosis || Car Diagnosis || Car Diagnosis Centre Today I will discuused with you free car diagnosis process and car diagnosis   process report problems and solutions  Today we see a car which are totally under the water because car was garrege on the building basement and more than 2 days are full rain on this region and more cars are totally water clogged or hydrostatic  when this car was recoverd there have a lot's of problem on the car. example's this car removed by approximately 20 litres of engine oil with water mixed  and car starting problem ,mirror not working properly,car lighting system totally closed any light does not illuminated car ac not working,audio system totally damaged because water are in the circuit,car theft determine module are totally rusted,car cluster meter are not working properly ,car junction box and car ECM are totally damaged  First Free Car Diagnosis, Car ligh